Mick Eastwood Barrister Gold Coast


Mick Eastwood has worked in legal practices for over forty years. He has practised as a Barrister since 1996. Before that he was a Solicitor for 10 years. Having appeared or instructed in countless mediations, he obtained national accreditation as a mediator in 2009. His busy practice combines his expertise as a specialist advocate with his negotiation skills. As either Barrister or Mediator, he has the ability to contribute meaningfully in all areas of litigation.

Mick was appointed as a costs assessor in 2014. He has experience as a solicitor before taxing masters and the preparation of bills of costs in taxable form under the old taxation of costs regime.

In recent times, as counsel, he has appeared in trials for solicitors and clients regarding claims for costs under the current regime.


Mick Eastwood Barrister Mediation Services

Mediation Services

Over the last two decades, as an advocate in mediations and as a Mediator, Mick has acquired an intuitive feel for how commercial and estate matters can be resovled without the necessity of extended litigation.

Mediation Services
Legal Services

His practice includes the following areas of law:

  • Commercial
  • Property
  • Contract
  • Trade Practices
  • Wills and Estates
  • Costs

Legal Services
Cost Assessor

The following services are available:

  • Costs Mediations
  • Costs Assessments
  • Notices of Objection
  • Advice regarding costs
  • Appearances on all costs related matters

Legal Services